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Top Organization Who Donate Bibles To Prisoners

A person can only be imprisoned for one reason: they have committed an unpardonable sin for which they are receiving punishment by being put behind bars. A person who is deprived of their liberty against their will. Forcible restraint, captivity, or confinement are all examples of this. The phrase specifically refers to completing a prison sentence inside of a prison. But what happens while they are inside? What does God say about prisoners? 

If we think of it from the standpoint of society, prisoners don’t deserve to be treated nicely, yet there is a ministry that distributes the Bible to inmates. Giving a bible to a prisoner is a special ministry in which we impart to the person a word and truth directly from God. It is heartwarming to see how many organizations have made it a priority to provide Bibles to prisoners so they can read God’s word. In this way, we can clearly see that the broken are not despised by God, and neither should we. We are to imitate the One who came to seek and to save the lost—as we ourselves were—no matter what kind of chains bind and impair us. Although society may view jail as a place of punishment, God can utilize it as a setting for improvement and change. He follows people who are imprisoned in love and does not give up on them. God wants to free people who are imprisoned—not always physically, but most definitely by sin, ignorance, rebellion, and poor decisions. Jesus warns us not to treat people differently based on where they are in life. Here are our top choice for organizations that donate bibles to prisoners:


  • Prison Fellowship 

Located in the selected areas only, the Prison Fellowship Organization assists both men and women in breaking the cycle of dysfunction that led to their prison sentences. They mobilize grassroots networks to promote justice reform and advocate for it. To bring healing change to their facilities, they are the wardens. They provide for the families of prisoners and support the relationship between kids and their incarcerated parents. They request that the Church take the lead in providing care for people who are affected by the criminal justice system. They approach everything from a biblical perspective. Visit their website right here:

This organization does not only give bibles, but they also provide services and sessions in the prison. More than 1.7 million Americans are currently incarcerated, more than in any other country. The organization believes that in this way they can lessen the crime in their country. According to Prison Fellowship®, nobody is beyond God’s grasp.

  • Bibles for Prisoners

Their mission is to have an impact on God’s kingdom through correspondence Bible studies and outreach to the prison population to share the gospel and disciple them. One of their greatest passions is introducing prisoners to Christ. A free Bible study has been produced by them which they called “Who is God?”They encourage inmates to start a relationship with Christ and join our discipleship program. The opportunities listed below are open to both individuals and groups. Visit their website right here:

  • Rescued Not Arrested

Their goal is to spread the Good News of the Gospels and the Great Commission to those who are imprisoned around the world and to their loved ones. When prisoners are released, they either share the bible with a large group of other prisoners or leave it inside with their friends. 

Roger Munchian, who was the founder of this organization believes, Everyone was made in the likeness of God to experience the adventure of following Jesus. People have a great capacity for good, but they also have the freedom and propensity to act evilly or sin against God, which distances them from God. Thus, all people are in need of a savior – Jesus Christ. He discovered a love for reaching out to the neglected and lost in the jail and prison system while serving a sentence at Lewis Prison in 2003. Shortly after he was freed from prison, he founded Life Changing Prison Ministry with the assistance of a buddy, bringing his vision to reality. Visit their website right here:

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People Who Consistently Read The Bible Have More Hope, Survey Finds

According to the American Bible Society’s study, consistency in reading and applying the Bible makes a person more hopeful and encourages them to be resilient. The study is conducted in accordance with the American Bible Society’s report on the recent 12th annual “State of the Bible”.

According to John Farquhar Plake, PD.D., and the American Bible Society’s director of ministry intelligence, the results continue to show that the Bible encourages more hope to the reader.

“Christians know that Jesus offers us full life; there’s no surprise here. But for those who are questioning their faith or even who need reassurance after a hard season, the data validates that applying the truths of Scripture leads to better health, better relationships, and a higher sense of purpose and meaning-all while bringing us closer to God.” – Statement from John Farquhar Plake, Ph.D.

The massive damage caused by the recent pandemic COVID19, that affect people to worry more and even have anxiety. It is even more difficult for people to interact with each other, making it more difficult for us to communicate. Research team American Bible Society, was thrilled to find that the study confirmed that the Bible prompted more people to feel hopeful even during a pandemic.

“People who are deeply connected to the Bible and to the Christian community are remarkably resilient,” and “were more apt to overcome certain challenges,” Plaked added in an interview with CBN‘s Healthy Living.

The Bible’s Message of Comfort and Strength

Another core message from the Bible that can give us hope during the pandemic is the message of comfort and strength. The pandemic can be a challenging and difficult time, and it can be easy to get caught up in our own challenges and struggles. But by looking inward and finding comfort and strength within ourselves, we can help ourselves to stay strong and positive even during the toughest times. Comfort and strength can be wonderful ways to connect with our neighbors and show them that we are there for them. It can be a way to lift up our neighbors in comfort and strength and to let them know that we care.

The pandemic can be a challenging time, but it can also be a time when we can come together as a community and support each other. Comfort and strength can be a great way to apply the Bible’s teachings to our lives and show others that we care and are there for them. The pandemic is a challenging and difficult time, but it can also be a time when we can come together as a community and support each other.

People who are deeply connected to the Bible are said to be more mature in decision-making. They are said to have more values and surrendered their lives to the Lord. Lastly, comforting promises from the Bible are said to decrease stress levels.