Pastor Donates His Kidney To A Stranger He Just Met and Doctors Make A Huge Discovery

Don and Pastor Time Jones at the hospital

Don and his wife approached a church one day after hearing gospel music playing inside the building. He was unaware that this would mark the largest turning point in his life.

Don met Pastor Tim Jones inside the church, who enjoys music as well. They both relate their experience. Pastor Tim was unaware that Herbert had been dealing with a potentially fatal medical condition for a number of years. He was now confronted with a second tragedy: he urgently required a kidney donation because his own kidneys were failing as well.

Belinda, Don’s wife, decided whether to publicize the issue on Facebook in order to solicit donations or not. Without a second thought, Pastor Jones offered to donate his own kidney to the man he had just met when Pastor Tim viewed the Facebook post. Numerous tests had to be conducted before this could occur, but miraculously the two men were a perfect match!

Don at the hospital
Don at the hospital. Photo by @Don N Belinda Herbert (Facebook)


Doctors were horrified when they opened up Pastor Time Jones. They found that after removing his kidney, Jones had an aneurysm. Having spotted it, the doctors were able to clip it in order to prevent any problems. By selflessly donating his kidney to a guy he had barely known for two weeks, Pastor Tim also saved his own life! This unusual turn of events that day saved the lives of both men!

Pastor Tim Jones standing at the Pulpit. Photo by @Don N Belinda Herbert (Facebook)

Writer Thoughts

You suddenly feel as though the entire universe is pulling strings behind the scenes without you even realizing it to grant you all of your wishes, which you undoubtedly deserve despite your lack of hope. Some refer to it as luck, while others assert that it was planned that way, and still others mention the law of attraction. Good things come to those who know how to wait and to those who can finally savor the luck that was actively shaping itself day in and day out. 

No matter what we see or don’t see, no matter how we feel, God is constantly at work. God doesn’t adapt to the situation. We must always keep in mind that God is loyal and true to His promises, even when the world around us is changing or seems uncertain. He never stops working. The truth is that we want to see and understand everything that God is doing in every moment, but that isn’t how God works. The reason we want this is that we see ourselves at the center of our own story. We are looking for how God is going to intervene and enter our story. The problem is that we have it backward.

We are not in the midst of our own story but in the midst of God’s story. He is at the center. This is His story, and we get to see how we fit into it. And we do fit into it. Just like the people in the Bible, We are someone who is blessed to be created and known by God for the purpose of accomplishing His will. Both our sentiments and our circumstances cannot tell us whether God is at work. Because it is His story, God is constantly at work. So, no matter what challenges we encounter, we may always keep in mind that we are a part of his amazing story, on which He is constantly at work.

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