How To Pray?

While prayer from an individual works well…imagine the case where several people get
together and pray for the exact same thing. God loves people gathering in His name to pray!
Prayers chains, prayer groups, prayer in our churches. This is POWERFUL, and should be
used whenever possible…and remember the positive images. Everyone should be
concentrating on that positive image.
This seems simplistic, I know…but put it to the test. Start praying with that positive picture
for anyone you pray for.

Pray For Our Leaders
We need prayer especially for our leaders. The President, The Congress, Senate, and our
local leaders such as the Mayors. This may be difficult for many of us to do as we do not see
eye to eye with them. We also need prayer for our protectors. The police, firefighters, and
EMT’s. In our particular circumstances in our world today, it is crucial to pray for those who
make decisions for our countries, and for the ones who put themselves in harms way to
protect us from danger.
Special prayers should also be said for our military and their families, who give SO much to
ensure the freedoms that we have come to enjoy.
I’m going to share a story about a leader that NOBODY wanted to pray for. His name was
Adolph Hitler. In the United States, a coalition of pastors got together to start a prayer chain
to start to pray for Hitler. People thought they were crazy…and UN-American. It was decided,
however, that congregations would start praying for Hitler.
It was only a matter of months since people started praying for Hitler, that the Third Reich
started having problems. They began to crumble. At the point of the beginning of the
prayers, Hitler was winning the war. Within one year, the war in Europe was over. How’s that
for the power of prayer?

Let God Handle It
Whenever I start feel overwhelmed, it is at a time when I have forgotten to turn it over to
God and let him handle it. I guess sometimes we are so anxious for something, that we
forget that it is NOT in our hands…but in God’s. Maybe that’s where the old adage comes in,
“All things in God’s good time”.
I think I try and force the issue sometimes…which is really dumb, but, after all, I am human
and therefore flawed. If you are like me, you want everything yesterday, but unless it falls
into God’s timeline for you, you’re barking up the wrong tree.
This is when we need to humble ourselves before God, and ask him for what we want. If it is
in his plans for us…it will be known to you soon enough…but don’t rush it.
In Philippians 4:6-7 Paul said, “In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and

petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God. And the peace of God, which
surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.” Simply
put, pray and ask God for everything you want, and need…and in all prayers, give thanks.
Another thing I found out is that God has a sense of humor. My wife and I were very content
in our lives. My kids were grown and gone, and it was now time for some leisure. Not much
to worry about, which was fantastic. I had two daughters from a previous marriage, and my
wife had never had children…which was the way she wanted it.
Then the phone call came…
One of my daughters had lost her children due to neglect (and a few other things that I won’t
go into here,) and my 4 grand children were in the foster care system in the state of Nevada.
Our lives will never be the same…hahaha.
We had recently moved to our current home, which is HUGE! 5 bedrooms, 3 and a half baths
just for the 3 of us…My wife, her mother, myself, 2 dogs and a cat. There was no reason
whatsoever for us to buy such a large house, and always laughed about what we were going
to do with the extra space. 3 weeks after we moved in…we got the phone call.
How’s that for timing? We have now adopted 4 of our 7 grand children, and fit perfectly in
this home.
See…I truly believe that it was all God’s plan all along. We think it’s our idea in the beginning,
but then God shows you differently. Tell me He doesn’t have a sense of humor:)

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