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Nigerian Football Team Flamingos Sing and Pray On The Pitch After Defeating Team USA

When you have faith that God can turn seemingly unthinkable into reality, He will work wonders in your life that go far beyond your wildest dreams. A great example of this is the Nigeria Flamingos Sing & Pray on the pitch after defeating the USA – in the 2022 FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup. Following their 4-3 victory over the United States of America on penalties in the ongoing 2022 FIFA under 17 Women’s world cup in India, Nigeria’s flamingos walked to the center of the field to pray. For the first time in our nation’s history, Nigeria has advanced to the semifinals of the Under-17 FIFA Women’s World Cup. After defeating the United States, the Nigeria Flamingos sing a worship song on the field. All throughout the game, all that you can see from the Nigeria Flamingos was hard work, patriotism, and faith. The USA had a chance to win the game in the first half but the Nigeria Flamingo girls resolved to withstand all pressure.

Thanking God when you succeed is not a religious act. Many were moved by what the team did after winning. They said to believe that this is one of the reasons that, despite our egregious shortcomings as followers and leaders, God has continued to spare the nation from natural disasters. Great joyful tears flowed from their eyes as each of them sang the song thanking God and worshiping Him for their win. Regardless of gender, race, and religion, you will feel the spirit of unity flowing from the hearts of the Nigeria Flamingos. Nothing may be given to anyone except it comes from the LORD. The same grace that got them here will carry them all the way to the summit. Nigeria will regain its greatness.