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A Grieving Bird That Ripped Out Her Own Feathers From Grief Found New Joy With Her New Owner

Cockatoo Bird, Audrey, was in deep sorrow after her owner passed away. She stopped singing and plucked out all of her feathers. Audrey’s owner’s wife, who met Misha Sitova and informed him how her husband died and also described how Audrey, a 15-year-old cockatoo, had been affected in despair by plucking out all her feathers.

Misha was so worried about Audrey’s condition and the next time they met, Audrey flew into his arms, which an impression that Audrey wanted to connect with him. The widow asked Misha if he would adopt the bird. Eventually, they adopt Audrey. It took many weeks for Audrey to get used to Misha, but she immediately loved him and followed him everywhere in the house. The funnier thing is that Audrey imitates Misha’s movement while playing music for a dance.

“Audrey started singing and dancing. We sent the video to Pat and she was just as shocked as we were to learn Audrey loves to jam,” Kristen wrote.

After several months of living with Audrey, the couple finds out that Audrey loves to whistle, use new phrases every day, and even dance. Misha’s wife, Kristin, posted a Youtube video showing how much Audrey loves music. It has taken only three months for Audrey to grow all of her feathers back.

“She surprises us daily with new whistles, words, and dance moves. She’s especially into learning choreography like in this video with Misha. Her feathers are all growing back in too!” Kristen added.

 “Audrey continues to surprise us every day with her love of dancing and music!” Kristen added.

Misha and Kristin have had Audrey for a few years now, and she couldn’t be happier.

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